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Walleye Trading® Advisors LLC ("Walleye Trading") was formed in 2005 by industry veterans as an adviser to private funds and trading entities. The Walleye Trading business model is based on the combination of many years of experience, attention to the dynamics of today’s trading and investment environment, and the trading knowledge of its senior management. Also central to this business model are:

  • developing and supporting talented traders, quantitative researchers, and software engineers
  • investing in proprietary world-class technology
  • a disciplined and focused portfolio and liquidity management approach
  • proven risk management capabilities
  • a commitment to managing strategies over the long-term through different market cycles

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Multiple Teams

Walleye Trading's trading teams are focused on multiple strategies, including Equity-Related Options Relative Value Market-Making, Event-Driven Relative Value Trading, Quantitative Investment Strategies, and Fixed Income Options Trading. 

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Custom Built Technology

All strategies are supported by a custom-built database engine and automated trading platform, managed by a highly skilled development team.

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Broad coverage

Walleye Trading's operations span the spectrum of global cash equities; equity, index, and fixed income options; futures; and volatility instruments.


National Offices

Walleye Trading is headquartered in Minneapolis with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston.


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